So I was dox'ed yesterday

and nobody gives a fuck.

Here's the associated spam:
14:53 < ~dd0sb0ss> rip
14:53 < ~dd0sb0ss> PARTY AT Vølundsgade 31, 3. th. 2200 København N
14:53 < ~zsasz> ur unicode is broken dd0sb0ss
14:53 < ~dd0sb0ss> fuq
14:54 -!- dd0sb0ss was kicked from #freenode by kloeri_ [dd0sb0ss]

Ignoring the broken unicode that's actually the correct information. Well done on finding this information that has been publically available (by my own choice) for several years.

It's never been hard to find me and that's not changing in the future just because of some silly kids either. Unlike these kids I'm actually proud of what I do and I'm more than happy to stand by my actions with my real name and even address widely available.

And for all those sensible people out there just shaking your heads at this sillyness - you're welcome to visit, especially if you are interested in open source software or need a consultant on some project :) I'd suggest contacting me by email first though.

PS. Thanks to GNAA for this obvious advertising opportunity.

Looking for a few more volunteers

It's that time of the year.. Only four days left before the big danish Open Source Days conference starts and we're tying up all the loose ends as quickly as possible.

Things are looking great from my point of view but one of the things we need to sort out before the conference opens is all the different helper roles. And we're still looking for good wanting to be an active part of Open Source Days and get to know all the other great people involved.

If you would like to take part in this you can sign up at Join Us and in return for helping out you get free entrance to the conference including the social event saturday night.

20.000 minutes

20.000 minutes sounds like a lot but for sufficiently large projects with sharp deadlines it really isn't.

Converted to a more manageable time scale it's roughly two weeks or roughly how much time until the Open Source Days conference opens. As some of you might know this is the second year I'm involved in organising this big open source conference.

And just like last year it's an awesome experience but also very stressful with all the small things needing to fall into place for the conference to run smoothly. And unlike last year I haven't been sick so I'm getting to enjoy the full experience :)

Having only two weeks left means really long hours every day while we scramble to close all the outstanding issues. But it also means we get to see a huge amount of things fall into place each day.

Some of the things I'm excited about today:

  • Most of the talks are now announced on the website

  • The keynote talks are all confirmed. More on that later.

  • We've added several more sponsors

The next two weeks should be very exciting and I'm sure the conference is going to be even better this year.

See you all at the conference!

Pictures from Open Source Days?

This weekend saw yet another edition of the Open Source Days conference in Copenhagen. And despite a few small issues (most notably a large power outage taking out a big area of the city) most people really seemed to enjoy the conference.

I also saw quite a few people taking pictures of the event and we'd love to see those pictures. Please send an email to or directly to me at if you would like to share your pictures.

Looking for helpers for Open Source Days

With the conference just a week away we're still looking for volunteers.

Volunteering for Open Source Days means you'll get to know a lot of other open source interested people, broadening your network and you get to be an active part of the biggest open source event in Denmark.

You'll typically have to work 2 x 3 hours at the conference but for the most part you can decide what areas you want to help with and we do our best to coordinate your shifts so they don't conflict with talks you find particularly interesting.

As a thank you for your work we throw in conference tickets including the saturday night social event.

Right now I'm particularly looking for people with some video experience. You don't need professional video experience but a little experience goes a long way towards making the setup go more smoothly. We will of course make sure that people on the video team gets the needed instructions so don't be afraid of signing up even if you have no prior experience. The most important thing is your interest and dedication as that's what's ultimately going to it a success.

Besides volunteers for the video team we're also looking for a number of other people. There's too many different roles to mention them all here but we still need chairmen for example.

Please contact me directly at if you want to volunteer for the video team. If you want to sign up for the many other roles you can do so using our sign up form.

Open Source Days ticket sale now open

The Open Source Days conference opened the ticket sale a couple days ago. You can buy tickets for the conference itself as well the many training courses we're arranging in the days before the conference.

See for more information and pay attention to the early bird discount that ends about 5 days from now.

Also note that while there's not that many abstracts on the website yet we're going to keep adding batches of new abstracts. There's going to be a lot of interesting talks so keep checking the website for new abstracts and other news.

Open Source Days - Second call for speakers

The second and final call for speakers just went out for the Open Source Days conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Noteworthy news compared to the first call is:
- We moved the conference a week to make sure we have plenty of room for speakers, visitors and sponsors. The conference is going to take place at march 10 and 11 with training happening on march 9.
- We added information about conference size and being somewhat ambitious we're hoping to reach previous heights of 800-900 people.
- Extended the deadline for talk proposals. Deadline is now january 27th.
- User groups interested in a community booth also needs to start planning. Deadline is february 13th but you need to start thinking of activities, manning the booth and so on.

More information and details to be found on

Don't miss Denmarks biggest open source event!

Open Source Days 2012: Call for speakers

Open Source Days is Denmarks biggest open source conference and it's only 3 months away now. We are therefore looking for interesting speakers.

The conference has two focus areas, namely:
  • startups (everything related to startups / small business and open source software)
  • green technology (recycling, monitoring etc.)
Besides these two focus areas we also have several tracks with general technical talks. These tracks can cover everything from office packages to interesting new programming languages, network administration or other more technical areas.

See for the full announcement.

Being different

In Exherbo we like to do things a bit differently from everybody else. And today I got inspired by some recent experiences with users not quite reading all the documentation that Exherbo developers expected them to and wanting to change our documentation in a slightly different direction than we wanted to.

The usual solutions to such problems are either to reject patches, possibly marking them as invalid, or yell at people until they go away or start doing what you want them to. I went for a very different option though and tried to document what we expect from users (or developers as we prefer to see them) and the result of that is now added to our website.

All the feedback I've had so far has been very positive both from very experienced Exherbo developers as well as contributors very new to the project. I hope I can refine it a bit more over the next few days so feel free to add your comments. It's supposed to help everybody no matter their level of experience as developers or with the Exherbo project so I'd like to hear from lots of people.

Has anyone seen my pants?

They were last seen at JFK International Airport in New York last night and I miss them already. Please contact baggage claim if you've seen them and tell them to send the pants to Rochester International Airport where JetBlue is looking for them.

Or just bring them to FOSSCON tomorrow :)