Bryan Østergaard (kloeri) wrote,
Bryan Østergaard

Submit your Exherbo repositories

In Exherbo we employ a distributed development model where users can easily create their own repositories containing packages not otherwise available. Most users want to share their repository so other people can benefit from their work and quite often contribute updates and fixes in return.

But how do you find all these repositories? To solve that problem we've created the unavailable and unavailable-unofficial repositories. These two repositories index all the repositories Exherbo knows about (and is deemed of sufficient quality of course) and this makes it possible for paludis to know which repositories packages like powerpc-utils or bzflag are in.

All this is for nothing if you don't submit your repository for inclusion in unavailable* however so I'd like to remind people to submit their repositories. All you need to do is ask for it to be added in the #exherbo channel on freenode.

And you have a lot to gain by submitting your repository - here's just a short list of what you get in return:
- A reasonable thorough review of you repository with comments on things that needs improvement and explanations as needed
- The review usually teaches a lot of things about Exherbo and the exheres package format
- You get higher quality packages
- Other users can contribute to your packages in the future - you should expect updates, bugfixes and improved packaging from your fellow users
- Inclusion on Summer

So keep on creating new repositories and packages but make sure you submit them to unavailable-unofficial - there's lots of people that wants to help with your packages.

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