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Looking for helpers for Open Source Days
With the conference just a week away we're still looking for volunteers.

Volunteering for Open Source Days means you'll get to know a lot of other open source interested people, broadening your network and you get to be an active part of the biggest open source event in Denmark.

You'll typically have to work 2 x 3 hours at the conference but for the most part you can decide what areas you want to help with and we do our best to coordinate your shifts so they don't conflict with talks you find particularly interesting.

As a thank you for your work we throw in conference tickets including the saturday night social event.

Right now I'm particularly looking for people with some video experience. You don't need professional video experience but a little experience goes a long way towards making the setup go more smoothly. We will of course make sure that people on the video team gets the needed instructions so don't be afraid of signing up even if you have no prior experience. The most important thing is your interest and dedication as that's what's ultimately going to it a success.

Besides volunteers for the video team we're also looking for a number of other people. There's too many different roles to mention them all here but we still need chairmen for example.

Please contact me directly at bryan@opensourcedays.org if you want to volunteer for the video team. If you want to sign up for the many other roles you can do so using our sign up form.