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Bye Gentoo!
It's with a bit of sadness and some relief that I'm finally retiring from Gentoo.

I've been a Gentoo developer for nearly 4 years now and I like to at least pretend that I've made some important contributions to Gentoo during that time. I've had a lot of fun but my frustrations have grown these past several months and I've been entertaining the idea about retiring for probably 6 months now. The past couple months the desire to leave Gentoo have become much stronger and I think it's finally time for me and Gentoo to go our seperate ways.

I think I've put my "fingerprint" on Gentoo in quite a few important ways but lately I've come to the realisation that I probably can't do any more for Gentoo. No matter how hard I try fighting for what I feel is right we seem to end up with petty fights, flamewars or what I consider even worse - people simply ignore what I'm working hard towards.

So I think it's high time that I leave the project and start looking for another project where I can contribute something important and not just try to keep the project from going in what I think is bad directions.

I'll try to reach all the projects I'm leaving over the next few days and see if I can pass off my work in a reasonable manner. I probably won't be around much on irc but if you really need to contact me you can do so at

Good luck to all of you and may Gentoo development be as much fun as it used to be for me.

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Please help the Sabayon guys out.

Not going to happen :)

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