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My last mail to gentoo-dev mailinglist?
Is this going to be my last mail ever to gentoo-dev mailinglist?

For those not in the know the gentoo-dev mailinglist is the primary list for development oriented discussions in Gentoo. Gentoo have always prided itself on being a community oriented project where user contributions are worth just as much as contributions by official developers. User contributions aren't guaranteed to go into the portage tree, documentation etc. of course but at least Gentoo values the efforts by it's user community to improve the distribution and have several projects like Bugday and User Relations towards that goal.

But according to this post users are likely to be degraded to "second class" citizens in the future in which case I refuse to take part in any discussions on the -dev mailinglist anymore. I sincerely hope the council rejects this suggestion but realise that I have no influence on important decisions after retiring. Let's all hope that the council makes a sane decision instead of getting scared by the flamefests that occasionally infests the mailinglist and make a (in my opinion) very bad decision.