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Good news, everyone!
I just had to use that phrase :)

So.. This news isn't actually for everybody - I suspect it'll only be interesting for a small part of my readers. And it's not so much news as recounting some experiences I've had lately with Gentoo Forums and some small bits of advice that I can offer based on that.

A few weeks ago some user claimed in a largish forums thread that genone (Marius Mauch) had absolutely no idea how portage worked and that he should let other people who did take over his job as portage developer. This is fairly silly as Marius have been working on portage for at least 4 years now and he in turn asked who should take over his job. A well-known paludis user suggested that the paludis developers should take over and this post was quickly reported as trolling.

I saw this as clearly being a joke (nobody knowing the portage and paludis teams would ever seriously suggest the paludis developers should work on portage or vise versa) and stated so on the complaint thread. That was my first clear offence on gentoo forums and I got a warning for replying to the complaint thread.

It should probably be noted that I help run a fairly big irc chat network called freenode and that we actively encourage users to help explain simple misunderstandings and smooth out/resolve possible conflicts. Freenode calls this catalysing and I thought I was doing everybody a favour by explaining how it was a joke.

My second offence occured today when I abused the 'report' function. Some user had suggested that the report function be changed in such a way that not just the post being reported but every post by the user would be marked as reported. This looked to me like a seriously bad idea that would make it much easier to harass other users - 'report' a random post (even if 2 years old) and every post by that user would now look like they'd been reported. In fact, I thought this idea was bad enough that it needed the forums admins/moderators attention so they could reject it as suggested and hopefully have a discussion about the purpose of that idea - and maybe implement a different meassure that would fit the purpose without leaving such potential for abuse.

And as one forums admin/moderator told me later: rules are rules. And as this was my second offence I got banned from forums.

Now, I'm perfectly happy that they banned me. As a forums user I was a guest in their house and have to respect their rules. And even though I can't say I understand how my behaviour have been bad it's clearly unwanted and I fully support the forums admins hard work to get rid of troublemakers. I even went as far as requesting to be banned after my first offence as I was convinced that I'd behave bad again in my folly, not understanding the rules.

To sum things up: I completely support my ban as I've somehow behaved badly on several occasions and I'm quite happy to see that no favours was done just because of my status as a retired gentoo developer or similar. Keep up the good work and ban people that keep breaking the rules as I did.

And finally a few bits of advice as promised in the beginning.
1. Never, ever try to explain misunderstandings when a post is reported and if you really need to explain how it was all just a misunderstanding create a completely new thread with no link at all to the post containing the misunderstanding. It's much less confusing for forums admins if you create a new thread rather than replying to the thread in question (I was told this by one of the forums admins/moderators so I trust this advice to be accurate and good).
2. Always consult a forums admin/moderator off forums before using the report function. This way you know for sure if the situation calls for using that feature or it will be an act of abuse if you do so.

If you follow those two simple advises I hope you'll be able to stay out from trouble and will be able to enjoy using the gentoo forums for years to come.

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leaving a bit out

If you're going to sling mud at the forums moderators, at least take the time to post the urls- unless you don't want people to see the picking at the mods in the posts that lead to your ban.

Re: leaving a bit out

My mistake - leaving out the urls might have made things less clear than I was hoping for. That said I wasn't trying to sling mud at forums moderators at all and I hope that other people haven't taken it that way.

Here's the relevant URLs:
My first warning: http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-688138.html
My ban; http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-689316.html

Hope this helps make it clear how I was breaking the rules. It's still not entirely clear to me so I very much welcome explanations if anybody feel they have the time for that.

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