Bryan Østergaard (kloeri) wrote,
Bryan Østergaard

Gentoo Foundation reinstated, Gentoo Council goes out with a fizzle

Some important things for Gentoo happened over the last few days. First of all we have a bit of good news as all the paperwork for the Gentoo Foundation was filed and approved a few days ago, see Gentoo Foundation, INC. From my understanding the Gentoo Foundation was administratively dissolved due to required paperwork not being filed over quite some time but it's good to see that this problem is now resolved.

This news is unfortunately followed by a minor Council crisis. Last weeks council meeting that they decided to postpone some items to this week. This was decided by the council at last weeks meeting and also mentioned in the meeting summary that was sent out. The blemish comes from only two council members showing up for the meeting yesterday when GLEP 39 requires minimum 50% attendance (that would be 4 council members as the full council has 7 members). According to GLEP 39 this situation calls for a new election for all places.

In short: the Council has invalidated itself by the poor attendance yesterday.

Now, some people are already trying to avoid a new election but it's my hope that the letter and intention of GLEP 39 will be followed and that this situation will serve as a bit of a wake-up call for future councils and that their meeting discipline will be better. The low attendance yesterday is extraordinaire of course but it's not uncommon for (some) council members to be an hour late for council meetings. Let's hope that this will improve and some good comes from this silly situation after all.
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